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When we were planning our wedding, we were torn about what to do about music. We definitely wanted to have a dance at our reception, but we had misgivings about hiring a DJ. Chris and Beth We had been at weddings before where the DJ's had made offensive comments and played inappropriate music, even though they were asked not to. Planning our wedding was stressful enough, we did not want to worry about what would happen during the dance.

So we decided to do the music ourselves. We took requests from guests, sorted through them, and then put together our own playlist. It worked out perfectly. The guests were excited to hear songs that they had requested. We felt comfortable knowing that we knew exactly what was going to happen during the dance. And when a close friend of the family had to leave early, we were able to move their song so they could hear it before they left.

Things at our wedding went so well that friends began asking us to do the music for their events. Several weddings and a company holiday party later, we decided to start Playlist Event Music to give everyone an affordable, comfortable, and classy music experience.